Welcome to TOUCH

TOUCH is a community based public health organization that provides compassionate and effective services to our friends and neighbors in the Hudson Valley who are living with HIV, diabetes, heart disease, Hepatitis C and other chronic illnesses. TOUCH’s Food Program prevents hunger and promotes health by providing nutritional education and counseling as we distribute more than 400,000 meals per year to families dealing with chronic illness. Our “Get Fresh” and Eating Well Nutrition Therapy Programs improve health outcomes for our members and our community.

TOUCH also prevents suffering and improves quality of life by providing individualized Medical Case Management, nutritional counseling and wellness support groups. We offer a welcoming, safe, multi-lingual (Spanish, Creole and more) environment free of stigma for all our members. This includes vulnerable populations who too often experience cultural and social barriers to receiving needed services.

TOUCH also manages Federal Hunger Prevention & Nutrition Assistance Programs (HPNAP) and FEMA Emergency Food and Shelter Programs. Our Food Recovery Program saved over 40,000 pounds of consumable food in 2018 that would otherwise have gone into landfills– feeding those in need and benefitting our environment. Volunteers, grants and individual donations are all essential to our continued success in serving our community. We welcome your support and personal involvement in building a healthier community where no one is left behind.