Are You Pouring On The Pounds?

Are You Pouring On The Pounds

Most of us consume too much sugar.

  • Sugar in sweetened drinks contains extra calories you don’t need.
  • The extra calories can lead to obesity and diabetes.
  • Sugar is also bad for your teeth. It causes cavities in kids and adults.

I don’t eat a lot of sweets but I still gain weight!

How much sugar do you drink?

  • Americans consume 200 to 300 more calories each day than we did 30 years ago.
  • Nearly half of these extra calories come from sugar-sweetened drinks.
  • Teens who consume sugary beverages drink an average of 360 calories per day. Someone would have to walk about 70 city blocks (about 3.5 miles) to burn that many calories.

Sodas Are Getting Bigger

Soda used to come in 6 1/2-ounce bottles. Today, 12-ounce cans are considered “small” and 20-ounce bottles are typical.

Super-sized sodas can be as large as 4 or 5 regular cans.

Interesting Fact: You have to walk about 3 miles from the Palisades Mall to Valley Cottage to burn off the calories from one 20-ounce bottle.

Real Fruit Beats Fruit Juice

One medium-sized apple has 60 calories, 3 grams of fiber and helps you feel full. One cup (8oz.) of apple juice has 110 calories, contains no fiber and doesn’t fill you up.

Don’t Drink Yourself Fat

Go with water, seltzer or low-fat milk instead.

  1. Drink plenty of water.
    -Nothing quenches thirst better than water.
    -Water is naturally sugar-free and calorie-free.
    -If you crave fizz, try seltzer.
  2. Choose fat-free or 1% milk.
    -Fat-free and 1% milk have all the protein, calcium, vitamins and other nutrients of whole milk, with fewer calories and less fat. Unlike sugary drinks, milk is good for your bones!
    -Almost everyone over age 2 should drink fat-free or 1% milk instead of whole milk.
    -If you prefer soy milk, choose low-fat, light or unflavored.
  3. Switch from juice to whole fruit.
    -Most kids get too much juice and too little fruit.
    -Fruit juice isn’t as healthful as most people think. It’s loaded with calories.
    -Whole fruit has fewer calories, and unlike juice, it has fiber. Fiber helps keep you healthy. It also helps you feel full.
    -Don’t waste money on punch and fruit-flavored drinks. These are just flavored sugar water.
  4. Skip sports drinks and “energy” drinks.
    -Most are high in sugar and low in nutrients, and energy drinks are loaded with caffeine.
    -Water is all you need to stay hydrated, even while exercising.
  5. Watch out for coffee and tea drinks and shakes.
    -Check calories on the menu boards. You’ll probably be surprised by how many calories are in popular drinks.
    -If you drink coffee or tea, order it plain (practically calorie-free) and lightly flavor it yourself.
  6. Downsize!
    -If you do have a sugar-sweetened drink, cut calories and save money by ordering a “small” instead of a “large”.
    -Cut portion sizes by using small, 6-ounce glasses.
Are you pouring on the pounds?

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This campaign was adopted from the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene and developed with funding from New York State Association of County Health Officials (NYSACHO).

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