2,000 NUTRITIOUS MEALS are distributed to our members each week.

4,000,000 MEALS to feeding  programs in  Rockland County since  2009.

400 MILES COVERED each week by staff and volunteers to service our members.

TOUCH is a community-based public health organization that provides compassionate and effective services to our friends and neighbors in the Hudson Valley who are living with chronic illness. TOUCH’s Food Program prevents hunger and promotes health by providing nutritional education and counseling as we distribute more than 400,000 meals per year to families dealing with chronic illness. Our “Get Fresh” and Eating Well Nutrition Therapy Programs improve health outcomes for our members and our community. TOUCH works with our partner organizations in Rockland Community Against Hunger (RCAH) to distribute food to over 30 area food pantries. In 2018 RCAH’s Food Recovery Program rescued over 40,000 pounds of food – feeding those in need and benefiting our environment.

Our Generous Supporters and Food Donors