Food and Nutrition Program

TOUCH-Together Our Unity Can Heal provides over 500,000 nutritious meals per year to people affected by food insecurity in need in the Hudson Valley.

TOUCH understands that food insecurity is a major determinant of health and well-being. We ensure that our members receive nutritious food, counseling from a registered dietitian, and follow a client choice model to make healthy food selections. Our Get Fresh program and Eating Well Medical Nutrition Therapy Program emphasize providing fresh fruit, vegetables and other tasty and healthful foods for our members with chronic illnesses such as HIV, diabetes, heart disease and more. TOUCH provides these services through the Federal Hunger Prevention & Nutrition Assistance Programs (HPNAP) and FEMA Emergency Food and Shelter Programs.

Since 1992 TOUCH has provided nutrition services and counseling to people living with HIV with support from the Ryan White Act. We distribute food for over 2,000 nutritious meals to our Ryan White Act Part A members each week. Our nutrition staff works closely with our medical case managers to ensure care coordination and efficient service delivery to our Part A clients.

People living with HIV who enroll in our Part A Food and Nutrition Program have access to:

  •       Monthly vouchers for food purchases
  •       Home delivery of food if needed
  •       Nutritional counseling with registered dietitian

Additionally, as the lead agency for Rockland Community Against Hunger (, TOUCH works to improve public health by coordinating weekly “Get Fresh” mass distributions of food from the Food Bank of Northeastern NY and the Food Bank of the Hudson Valley to area food pantries and meal programs that serve the food insecure of Rockland County.

TOUCH also leads Rockland Community Against Hunger’s Food Recovery Program – an initiative that rescues over 1 MILLION pounds of food annually and distributes it to over 30 local food pantries, feeding those in need and benefitting our environment. Our unique cross-agency partnership allows our staff and volunteers to deliver food weekly to these pantries and meal programs at no cost to food pantries. One million pounds of food annually represents almost 900,000 meals for our food-insecure neighbors!

TOUCH is committed to creating stronger communities through healthier individuals. Food is medicine.

Nutrition Therapy Program

TOUCH recognizes that a person living with a chronic illness is not able to address their health needs if they do not have access to basic nutritious food items.

In 2003, TOUCH established our Eating Well Nutrition Program after we noted improved health outcomes from our members (clients) who were receiving weekly home delivered pantry items.

Our Eating Well Nutrition Program is based on the ADA Medical Nutrition Therapy model. Medical Nutrition Therapy focuses on improving the member’s education and understanding around issues of nutrition. Goals of our program include improving and maintaining health and increasing understanding of the link between eating habits and medical conditions like Diabetes, High Cholesterol and Obesity.

TOUCH’s Eating Well Nutrition Program provides the following services for our members:

  • Nutritional Counseling/Education
  • Home Delivered Food Pantry

For more information on our nutrition programs, including eligibility and enrollment requirements, please contact our Food Program at (845) 268-8023, option 1 or click the link below. 


Depi 1989 TOUCH-Together Our Unity Can Heal anpil kompasyon, ap bay bon kalite sèvis a moun ki gen VIH e lot maladi kronik nan Rockland County. TOUCH itilize yon modèl ki pi efikas pou kontrole sante ak nitrisyon kliyan li yo.

Nou ofri sèvis sa yo gratis a tout moun ki gen VIH, ki elijib pou enrejistre nan program manje ak nitrisyon:

  • Yon kat $40.00 pou manje
  • Fè komand ou byen vin chache manje nan pantri ya
  • Wao jwen transpò gratis
  • Delivre manje lakay ou si ou vle
  • Ou gen chwa pou patisipe nan flas sou nitrisyon
  • Ou ka wè yon konseye sou nitrisyon you

Pou plis infomasyon kontakte PROGRAM MANJE AK NOURI BYEN NAN TOUCH nan nimewo sa-a 845-268-8023!

Nou pale kreòl, fransè, anglè ak panyòl.


Desde 1989, TOUCH-Juntos, Nuestra Union Puede Curar ha brindado servicios compasivos y de alta calidad a las personas que viven con el VIH y otras enfermedades crónicas en el Condado de Rockland.

TOUCH sigue un modelo de elección del cliente que le permite controlar su salud mediante una mejor nutrición.

Ofrecemos los siguientes servicios sin costo a los miembros elegibles que se inscriben en el programa de alimentos y nutrición de TOUCH:

  • $40.00 por mes en tarjetas de regalo de tiendas de alimentos
  • Busque o pida semanalmente en nuestro local
  • Transporte gratuito desde y hacia la local
  • Entrega a domicilio de alimentos si es necesario
  • Clases optativas de nutrictión grupal
  • Asesoramiento nutricional con dietista registrado

Le invitamos a ponerse en contacto con nosotros para obtener más información sobre el Programa de Nutrición para Comer Bien de TOUCH, sus requisitos de elegibilidad y cómo puede ayudarlo.

Si desea mejorar su salud y nutrición, llámenos hoy al (845)268-8023! Hablamos su idioma: inglés, español , creole o francés.